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Welcome to Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with your hosts Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany on the Voice America Empowerment ChannelOur goal is to seed, stimulate, and support space for positive, meaningful conversations that will get you talking around the dinner table.

Around 500 BC, mistletoe was a signal of peace. In 20 BC it was the key to gaining access to the underworld. In the 18th century mistletoe became a symbol of future romance. Heather Brittany shares the history of this magical festive flora. LAY DOWN SOME TRACKS: The coldest workout this winter is also the COOLest workout; SNOW SHOEING:  Holiday parties adding up? Need to burn up to 640 calories in one hour of working out? Strap on snow shoes and hit the slopes.

From the bestselling, acclaimed author Paullina Simons of Tully and The Bronze Horseman comes the unforgettable love story between a college-bound young woman and a traveling troubadour on his way to war. Lone Star is a moving, compelling novel of love lost and found set against the stunning backdrop of Eastern Europe. Cynthia Brian interviews Paullina.

It is hard to believe that the holidays are already here. What would the holidays be without the high voltage displays of thousands of twinkling lights illuminating our landscapes? Goddess Gardener Cynthia Brian shares December nature tips.

Bio: Paullina Simons is the author of the acclaimed novels Tully, Red Leaves, and Eleven Hours as well as the Bronze Horseman Trilogy. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, she graduated from The University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, and has lived in Rome, London, and Dallas. She currently lives near New York City with her husband and most of her children.

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