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The holidays offer a perfect opportunity for enjoying loved ones, celebrating life, being grateful, and reflecting on what’s important. How can you stay healthy during this busy time?

Cynthia Brian offers a few tips. We'll find time for sleep, learn about guarding your safety and privacy, and hitch a ride on Santa's Sleigh flying over December gardens twinkling with lights and flickering candy canes dangling from trees.

Smart devices aren’t always so smart. Although there are many advantages to buying gadgets that connect to the internet, most don’t have the security systems advanced enough to protect your home from getting hacked from say…your refrigerator or TV. Cynthia Brian will discuss ways to guard your safety and privacy from home hacking.

What would the holidays be without the high voltage displays of thousands of twinkling lights illuminating our landscapes? We drive around neighborhoods oohing and aahing at the inflatable snowmen waving to us, Santa’s sleigh on the rooftops tethered to his blinking reindeer, and flickering candy canes hanging from tree branches. The festival of lights is upon us as we hark the heralded angels and remember the reason for the season. Light a fire in your heart and shine brightly with love. Tidy your garden, then, enjoy the merriment.

Enjoy the merriment and tune in to StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!®. It's time to shine. 

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